Tired of watching your favorite content on a small screen? There is a new wireless gadget that can transmit your phone and laptop screen right to your TV.

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It’s always better to watch movies in the comfort of your couch. But don't worry if you don't have a SmartTV: there is a new wireless device that transmits your phone and laptop screen to your TV.

To watch a movie with friends, to make the kids watch YouTube videos, or to show photos to the family, sometimes you need to replicate the screen of your phone or computer to the TV.

How many times have you comfortably watched a movie in your couch using the small screen of your phone or laptop? Have you ever thought that watching it on the big screen of TV would be a better experience , without annoying wires?

Nowadays most of the TVs come with that technology, without needing to invest in other devices. But not all of us have the opportunity because the prices are not so affordable.

But the good news is that you don’t need a SmartTV nor investing large amounts of money to make this dream come true.

Recently a European company launched a new device that transmits the screen of your phone, laptop or tablet to any TV. And all that with no annoying wires in the middle of your living room.

What is it?

It’s called EzStream , and it comes in handy for those who don’t have smart televisions.

EzStream can be plugged in any television via HDMI cable. It allows the streaming of audio and video coming from your phone, laptop , and many other online sources such as Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Pandora, etc.

EzStream can be purchased by everyone. To make it work out of the box, buyers only need a smartphone, tablet or computer, the EzStream , and a television that has at least one HDMI entry and a USB entry for supplying the equipment.

If you are an avid consumer of multimedia content, you certainly will love this gadget. Allow yourself some constant indolence: if you wish to see a YouTube video in a larger screen, just send the video from the smartphone to the TV. If you want to amplify that game from your phone, do it! It replicates the screens of all compatible devices.

EzStream is undoubtedly a fast and reliable streaming device. EzStream produces an image quality of 1080p, the equivalent of high definition. But the best feature is its price-quality ratio, combined with the ease of use.

Who uses says it is an excellent option to comfortably watch movies in your tv screen. Our designer Markus Joel only have compliments to this device:

“This gadget is simply fantastic, I use it a lot to mirror the screen of my computer to my TV, and to watch TV Shows and movies. The installation is done in a couple of seconds, and the image quality is good. The best is that there are no wires going through my room. Nice product.”

Fantastic, right? A device that transforms your TV into a “Smart”, without needing to do a large investment.

How EzStream works?

The EzStream creators made everything possible to make the installation process simple , and it requires a few seconds.

To start, just plug EzStream in the HDMI entry of your television and in a USB entry. Turn the television on and navigate to “Input” or “Source” and select the corresponding EzStream’s HDMI with your remote control. After these simple steps, you only have to pair your device with EzStream. Ligue o televisor e navegue pelo controle remoto com o botão “input” até a entrada HDMI onde você conectou o EzStream. Após estes simples passos, basta emparelhar o seu dispositivo com o EzStream.

In less than 2 minutes it will be ready to stream your whole content to your TV. Way faster than your popcorn popping on the microwave.

Another fantastic feature of EzStream is that it can be connected to your home network via WiFi. In other words, all your compatible devices with EzStream will recognize it. You only have to press “cast” while the TV is on and set the HDMI input of EzStream , and then start enjoying the device.

See EzStream in action on the video below

A device like EzStream must be expensive.

What makes EzStream a fantastic device is its quality-price ratio. And let’s be honest, why pay hundreds for a Smart TV, when you can have a fantastic device for a fraction of the price that will only bring you more comfort and better experience? Invest your time and money in things that really matter in your life. EzStream costs only49€

Where can I buy it?

Just visit the official website and order your EzStream


Since the recent boom of EzStream, the company is offering 50% discount + free shipping for all the orders completed today. Guarantee your EzStream Today – Get comfortable!

Our conclusion

I think money is an essential tool to make the most out of life! That is why I always look for discounts, cash backs and ways to make my money yield! I don’t give up on comfort, excellent experiences and on buying what I want - and I want to share how I can do this with you! EzStream was a way that I found to save here on my house and to have better comfort and a better experience to watch content. I hope you do it too because it’s a fantastic product.


Benefits of using EzStream according to the review of other clients

  • Michael: Perfect for who likes to watch movies on TV
  • Jonas: Fast and easy to install
  • Nanda: I don’t understand technology, but the installation was very easy
  • Francisca: Nice quality and so convenient
  • Suzane: My children love to watch YouTube on TV! So easy to work
  • Maria: Works well and it’s perfect for who have movies on the computer
  • Alana: We use it in our office for presentations from the computer directly to the projector - perfect!
  • Elizabeth: Top quality! Perfect for the cinema at home
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